Reclaimed Wood Multi-layer Panels

We give old wood a new lease of life.

We produce our very own 3-layer panels with reclaimed or new wood layers, which provide great durability, ease of installation, and individuality in each product. Our reclaimed wood layers are cut from variety of wood types, including planks and beams. We can supply these layers in either sunburnt grey or brown colours, or a combination of both, with weathering and ageing qualities that give them a distinct and unique character.

Typically, our 3-layer panels have the following dimensions:

Length: 2 – 4m
Width: 1.980 – 2.050 m
Thickness: 19 mm, 22 mm or 27 mm (lamella thickness is typically 7 mm)
Humidity: 8 ± 2%

Type of wood used: Pine, spruce, oak, chestnut, beech, walnut

Colour: Brown, light brown, grey

We can supply you with other dimensions on request.