Quality Wood Ltd

produces and distributes.

As a UK-based family-owned business founded in July 2021, Quality Wood Ltd produces and distributes high-quality reclaimed and new wood products, particularly from oak, pine, spruce, fir, walnut, beech, and chestnut. We source our own raw materials and reclaimed wood. We are passionate about bringing new life to old wood, and we believe that this is important for many reasons. Reclaimed wood possesses rich character, texture and appearance, and it is becoming increasingly popular and fashionable for many uses the world over. We live in an age of a growing awareness of the need to be environmentally conscious and to preserve the heritage and reusability of materials, and we want to be at the forefront of this.

We have excellent storage, logistics and transportation capabilities, and we have warehouses in Ukraine, Georgia and the UK. We strive to produce the highest quality wood products on the market and to deliver in a rapid and timely manner.

By choosing our products, you are embracing style and quality, and supporting sustainability and keeping history alive.

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