Reclaimed Flooring

Our modular parquet is made up of prefabricated blocks or modules that are assembled and tested in our production facility. Our craftsmen meticulously choose strips to form a pattern created by our designers. In restaurants, halls, dining rooms, bedrooms, libraries and many other places, wood flooring will add a beautiful charm.

Engineered boards are a new type of flooring that resembles parquet and has many advantages over regular wood, but in substance they are quite similar to solid wood.

We have two types of wood flooring:

This powerful wood was often used for floors in barns and taverns, amongst many other uses. The look of our reclaimed spruce wood preserves the effect of the old floors.

Georgian Oak
Old oak planks from the foothills of the Caucasus, Georgian oak is world famous for its quality, durability, thickness, geometry. and unique appearance. Our reclaimed Georgian oak is naturally uneven and sturdy, with time-worn fissures and occasional nail marks. We obtain this reclaimed wood from old buildings, silos, and even bridges.